Original Article

Importance of Performing Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in the Same Clinic and Bad Prognostic Factors for Small-cell Lung Cancer Patients
  • Huriye Senay KIZILTAN
  • Didem TASTEKIN
  • Ali Hikmet ERIS
  • Ozgur TASPINAR
  • Medina ISMAYLOVA
  • Alpaslan MAYADAGLI
Bezmialem Science 2016; 4: 51-55 DOI: 10.14235/bs.2016.467
Effects of Reflexology Massage on Hair Regrowth After Chemotherapy-induced Alopecia Among Women with Cancer: A Randomised Clinical Trial
  • Haleh GHAVAMİ
  • Leyla ARJOMAND
  • Moloud RADFAR
  • Hamid Reza KHALKHALİ
Bezmialem Science 2020; 8: 215-221 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2019.3473
The Role of Post-treatment FDG-PET/CT Scanning after the First-line Chemotherapy in Predicting Prognosis in Patients with Hodgkin Disease and High-grade Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Comparative Study with Clinical Prognostic Risk Scoring Data
  • Ezgi Başak ERDOĞAN
  • Şebnem GÜNER
Bezmialem Science 2022; 10: 264-273 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2021.5981
Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Elderly Patients with Early-stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Umut KEFELİ
  • Samet KAYMAZ
  • Dinçer AYDIN
  • Deniz IŞIK
  • Devrim ÇABUK
  • Alper SONKAYA
  • Özgür AÇIKGÖZ
  • Ulaş IŞIK
  • Ercan ÖZDEN
  • Kazım UYGUN
Bezmialem Science 2019; 7: 265-270 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2018.2631
An Assessment of the Comfort Level of Cancer Patients with Receiving Chemotheraphy
  • Aysun CAN
  • Sevilay HİNTİSTAN
Bezmialem Science 2021; 9: 310-316 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2020.4226
Determining the Relationship between Perceived Social Support Levels and Chemotherapy Symptoms in Women with Gynaecological Cancer
  • Sakine YILMAZ
  • Gülşen VURAL
Bezmialem Science 2021; 9: 326-333 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2020.3825
Validity and Reliability of the Symptom-Management Self-Efficacy Scale for Breast Cancer Related to Chemotherapy
  • Demet SEMİZ
Bezmialem Science 2022; 10: 805-813 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2022.74946

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