Case Report

Sodium and Fluid Replacement in a Chronic Renal Failure Patient after Ileostomy


  • İskender EKİNCİ
  • Murat ALAY
  • Reha ERKOÇ

Bezmialem Science 2014;2(2):74-76

The two most common causes of short bowel syndrome in adults are Crohn’s disease and mesenteric ischemia. Mesenteric ischemia is more common in hemodialysis patients than in the normal population. Ileostomy is performed after bowel resection in most mesenteric ischemia patients. Ileostomy patients lose an excessive amount of water and sodium. Sodium and fluid replacement is described in a chronic renal failure patient with ileostomy.

Keywords: Ileostomy, chronic renal failure, sodium replacement, hypovolemia