Case Report

Simultaneous Spontaneous Bilateral Quadriceps Tendon Rupture Related with Hyperparathyrodism Secondary to Vitamin D Deficiency: A Case Report


  • Gokcer UZER
  • Mehmet ELMADAG
  • Fatih YILDIZ
  • Mehmet Anil PULATKAN

Received Date: 30.09.2013 Accepted Date: 17.11.2013 Bezmialem Science 2013;1(1):33-36

Spontaneous bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture is a rare injury and is usually observed in cases of diabetes mellitus (DM), rheumatoid arthritis (RA) hyperparathyroidism and chronic renal failure (CRF) or after long-term steroid use. In patients having a risk of misdiagnosis, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) would help to reach the correct diagnosis. Early diagnosis and appropriate surgical treatment are necessary for successful results. We presented a patient who had bilateral quadriceps tendon rupture related with hyperparathyroidism secondary to Vitamin D deficiency and was treated surgically.

Keywords: Hyperparathiroidism, Vit-D deficiency, quadriceps tendon rupture