Original Article

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Bachelor's Degree Education in Turkey: Comparative Analysis of Curriculum between Foundation and State Universities


  • Hülya Nilgün GÜRSES
  • Müberra TANRIVERDİ

Received Date: 07.07.2015 Accepted Date: 10.08.2015 Bezmialem Science 2015;3(3):72-77


The purpose of our study was to analyze and reveal the similarities and differences between the curriculums of the physical therapy and rehabilitation (PTR) faculty departments/ colleges (FD/C) in foundation and state universities in Turkey.


The student quotas and curriculums of PTR FD/Cs in foundation (Group 1) and state (Group 2) universities were reached. The number of FD/Cs and their student quotas were calculated. Curriculum parameters were investigated from the FD/Cs official websites and compared between groups.


64 universities were found to get permission to give PTR education, and 46 of these obtained student quotas in the 2014–2015 academic year. Curriculums of 41 out of 46 FD/Cs (89.1%) were reached from their websites. The only statistically significant difference was found in student quotas (z=−3.422; p<0.01), whereas no differences were found in other curriculum parameters between the groups (p>0.05).


As a conclusion, the curriculums of the FD/C in foundation and state universities in Turkey were determined to show compliance with each other and with other countries.

Keywords: Bachelor degree education, curriculum analysis, physiotherapy and rehabilitation