Case Report

Methanol Intoxication in Patient due to the Chronic Usage of Alcohol and Cologne


  • Murat Tolga AVŞAR
  • Mehmet TOPTAŞ
  • Eren DEMİR
  • Çağatay METİN

Received Date: 23.03.2016 Accepted Date: 08.08.2016 Bezmialem Science 2017;5(4):183-185

Methyl alcohol is toxic liquid that is found in substances such as mercury and antifreeze. Methanol intoxication is severe disease and may cause death. Sixty years old man was admitted to our emergency clinic complaints of consciousness. İn his history he is chronic alcoholic and usage of cologne. He was transferred to intensive care unit and sedatisized and curarized due to the his glasgow coma scale under eight. 40% ethanol, folic acid, thiamine and 5% dextrose were given with nazogastric way. Sodium bicarbonate was given due to the acidosis. The patient was discharged with complaintsts of blindness after ninth day of his admission.

Keywords: Methyl alcohol, cologne, intoxication