Case Report

Laparoscopic Approach to Giant Over Cysts and Case Report


  • Baha ARSLAN
  • Varlık EROL
  • Tuğba Han YILMAZ
  • Hüseyin GÜLAY

Received Date: 03.01.2017 Accepted Date: 04.07.2017 Bezmialem Science 2018;6(4):323-325

Tumor behavior plays an important role when abdominal masses approach. Minimally invasive surgery in patients who are thought to be benign is a valuable approach to comfort patients and surgeons. In the light of the literature, we examined a laparoscopic surgical approach in a premenopausal patient who applied to our clinic for swelling in her abdomen and whose mesenteric and over cysts were not completely differentiated.

Keywords: Giant over cyst, laparoscopic approach, mucinous adenoma