Original Article

Effects of Weight Loss with Bariatric Surgery on Platelet Count and Volume


  • Muzaffer İLHAN
  • Özcan KARAMAN
  • Ayşe İrem YASİN
  • Seda TURGUT
  • Ertuğrul TAŞAN

Received Date: 28.02.2017 Accepted Date: 29.05.2017 Bezmialem Science 2018;6(3):168-171


Obesity is a chronic metabolic disorder that leads to the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. This study aims to investigate the effect of weight loss on the platelet count and volume, which is associated with cardiovascular diseases.


In total, 56 obese patients were recruited for the study. The parameters were retrospectively evaluated before and after 6 months of surgery.


The mean weight of the patients was 126.2±23.1 kg before surgery and 91.8±20.5 kg after surgery (p<0.001). The mean platelet counts were 292.5±58.6×10³/µL before surgery and 246.8±59.1×10³/µL after surgery (p<0.001). The mean platelet volumes were 10.4±1.0 fL and 11.6±0.9 fL before and after surgery, respectively (p<0.001). The mean platelet counts before surgery were correlated with the mean platelet volume, mean weight, and mean body mass index (p<0.01, r=−0.39, p<0.01, r=0.35, p<0.01, r=0.41, respectively). The mean platelet counts after surgery were correlated with the mean platelet volume (p<0.001, r=−0.68).


This study demonstrated decreased platelet counts and increased platelet volume at 6 months after surgery in obese patients. Further long-term and prospective studies are warranted to clarify these results and pathopsychological mechanisms involved.

Keywords: Bariatric surgery, obesity, platelet count, platelet volume