Bezmialem Science 2024;12(2):0-0

Dear Readers;

We are together again in the second issue of 2024. After a year full of scientific studies, academic activities and congresses, we are happy to see the reflections of increasing scientific activities in the many articles submitted to our journal.

In this issue, most of the articles come from the field of Dentistry. I would even like to point out that we had difficulty choosing the cover image. We could have chosen it from an area where there were the names and authors of the articles were written, but the image in the case report of Şahin et al. titled “Unilateral Optic Disc Neovascularization in a Patient with Optic Disc Pit Dependence on Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy” was chosen as the cover image due to the majority voting. Optic pit seen in the eye is defined as an optic disc excavation that is usually asymptomatic, but sometimes causes symptoms with the development of maculopathy.

In this case report, a patient with diabetic retinopathy who had a unilateral optic pit and advanced disc neovascularization in the same eye was examined, and we shared the visual with you. We thank Şahin and his team for this case report.

Other notable articles are:

1- Şahin A, Ekinci Aslanoğlu C, Özdemir H. Unilateral Optic Disc Neovascularization in a Patient with Optic Disc Pit Depending on Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy.

2- Elter B, Paken G, Çömlekoğlu ME. The Effect of Glass Ceramic Layering on the Marginal Leakage of Zirconia Supported Crowns.

3- Hösükler E, Erkol ZZ. Forensic Geriatric Trauma Cases.

4- Maraşlı M, Keleş E, Yıldız P, Kırlangıç MM, Baki RB, Mat E, Yıldız G, Adanır İ, Dane B. Clinical Importance of the First Trimester Uterine Artery Doppler Measurements in Patients with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

5- Kılıç B, Ünal HY, Ekinci E. Orthodontic Materials Interacting with Fifth Generation (5G) Electromagnetic Waves.

In this issue, we also present to you a selected review of the approach to fibromyalgia, which still contains uncertainties in diagnosis and treatment, under the title “Approach to Fibromyalgia and the Role of Phytotherapy in Treatment”. We observe that the popularity of traditional and complementary medicine in our country is increasing day by day. In this review, the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic methods, pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods used in treatment, and the most used phytotherapeutic products of fibromyalgia syndrome are discussed.

As an advantage of being a multidisciplinary journal, I hope that you will find an article related to your field, as in every issue. I would like to thank my assistant editors, referees, publishing house, and you, our valued readers, who contributed to the preparation of this issue. Everything you get your heart desires…

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Adem AKÇAKAYA

Chief Editor