Bezmialem Science 2022;10(6):0-0

Dear Readers;

We are with you again in the last issue of 2022. We had a very busy period this year. We had to increase the number of publications to 6 this year in order to allow more studies to be published. In the upcoming period, we will continue our publication life with 4 issues a year. The high number of articles received in our journal caused your valuable articles to be rejected last year. We had to do much more screening for the diversity and originality of the publications for each issue. This difficult situation actually contributed to the increase in the quality of our journal. In the coming period, we will be together with you again with an intense effort and cooperation.

In this issue, I would like to talk about our cover art and selected articles; For this issue, we chose our cover art from the study of Çataklı et al. titled “Ramelteon Protects Intestinal Tissue Against Injury Caused by Methotrexate Via Showing Anti-apoptotic, Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties”. I hope that the subject will draw your attention as well as the cover art, as it is an experimental study and it touches on the subject of reducing the side effects of the drugs we have to use today.

Among the selected articles Büyükkılıç Altınbaşak et al. “Anticholinesterase and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Essential Oils of Naturally Grown Daucus L. Species in Turkey”, Alkendi et al. “The Evaluation of Multidrug Resistance-Related Protein 1 as a Prognostic Factor in the Pediatric B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Pilot Study”, Fazlıoğlu et al. “The Color Change of a Novel Single-shade Composite Immersed in Different Beverages”, Semiz and Sağlam Aksüt. “Validity and Reliability of the Symptom-Management Self Efficacy Scale for Breast Cancer Related to Chemotherapy”, were our featured articles.

As the year 2023 approaches, I would like to state that we are waiting for your new articles, especially those containing clinical studies and experimental studies.

As it is known, each issue of our journal requires a lot of effort. I would like to thank my assistant editors for their hard work. I wish you all the best to meet new goals and successes in the new year with our referees, publisher and you, our esteemed readers.

Kind regards,
Prof. Dr. Adem AKÇAKAYA
Editor in Chief