Bezmialem Science 2022;10(2):0-0

Dear Readers,

As you know, we have increased the number of publications to six with the new year. I would like to state that we have been working very hard on incoming articles and evaluations, and the burden of our assistant editors has also increased. With the increase in the number of our publications, we have observed that the biggest problem of our assistant editors is the reviewer evaluations. This prolongs the evaluation process of the submitted articles and causes delay in publication of your articles that is beyond our control. My request from you, our esteemed readers, is that you accept to evaluate the manuscripts you have received for reviewing, spare time for this and support us. I know that there are problems with reviewing in many foreign journals. Although some journals have found different solutions, we have no other way than your voluntary support. Peer-reviews are one of the most important factors that determine the quality of a journal and its contribution to the scientific community. We add the authors to the list of reviewers who have submitted articles to our journal. We try to send incoming articles according to your field of interest. Thank you in advance for your support.

We published the first special issue of this year. I would like to thank my friends who supported and contributed to this issue, which consisted of papers traditionally presented at our student congress.

I am happy to share many good articles with you again in this issue. We chose the cover art of this issue from the article of Yılmaz et al. Thank you for this beautiful picture. In addition, in the comentary section, I wrote the “Current Status of Approach to Thyroid Nodules”, which concerned many branches. I think it will contribute to our colleagues who are interested in this field.

Our eye-catching articles are; Yılmaz et al. Radiological Appearences of Benign Soft-tissue Tumors of the Hand and Wrist With Special Emphasis on MRI, Yabacı Tak et al. Statistical Errors in Medical Residency Theses, Salık et al. Anatomical Evaluation of The Major Vessels with Ultrasound in Children Undergoing Cardiac Surgery, Aslan et al. Comparisons of the Radiolucent Lines Between Cemented and Cementless Oxford Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty: A Non-designer Group Report, Süleyman et al. Safety of Cefazolin in Prophylaxis in Β-Lactam Allergic Children.

Dear readers,

It is pleasing that scientific meetings are starting to be held face-to-face again these days when the pandemic slows down the pace and the number of cases decreases. We are waiting for you to send your original articles to our journal, which will be created with increasing scientific activities. Also, as a small reminder, I would like you to cite our valuable published articles in your articles in order to increase the number of citations of our journal.

All the best, see you in our next issue.

Kind regards
Prof. Dr. Adem AKÇAKAYA
Chief Editor