Bezmialem Science 2014;2(1):0-0

Bezmialem Science, of which the first issue was published in December 2013, continues to contribute to the scientific world with qualified publications in its second issue published in March 2014. Although Bezmialem Science Journal is in e-journal format, it was printed even in limited number after the publication of the first issue.

Publishing scientific journal is a difficult and tedious process. Although our journal has been newly established, there is a great interest from you. We also want to thank you for it. I suppose that giving priority to certain papers among many scientific papers and their publishing process are the hardest part.

We gave priority to certain papers that we hoped to attract your attention in our second issue, as was in our first issue. We want to mention that Bezmialem science journal has a pool of unbiased referees from every branch.

After fast editorial control, your papers are sent to the referees, and referees return very rapidly. Required revisions are also requested rapidly from the relevant authors and maximum effort is made to complete the process rapidly.

We want to mention that our motivation increases by your great interest and we are waiting your papers in each branch. We hope to see you again.

Editorial Board