Original Article

The Investigation of Levels of Empathy in Nurse Candidates
  • Nurcan ERTUĞ
Bezmialem Science 2018; 6: 37-42 DOI: 10.14235/bs.2017.1332
Nutritional Assessment and Physical Activity of the Departments for Nutrition&Dietetics and Nursing Students at a Foundation University
  • Duygu GÜÇLÜ
Bezmialem Science 2019; 7: 132-137 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2018.2502
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Simulation and Web Based Training Methods in the Development of Knowledge and Skills of Urinary İncontinence Management in Nursing Students
  • Hilal TÜZER
Bezmialem Science 2020; 8: 163-169 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2019.3270
The Effect of Simulation-based Training on the Self-confidence and Self-satisfaction of Nursing Students Dealing with Patients under Isolation
  • Çağla KARATAŞ
  • Hilal TÜZER
Bezmialem Science 2020; 8: 227-232 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2019.3416
The Impact of Moral Sensitivities and Professional Values of Nursing Students on Care Perception
  • Diğdem LAFÇI
  • Ebru YILDIZ
  • Kübra AKKAYA
  • Gamze ÇOLAK
Bezmialem Science 2020; 8: 344-356 DOI: 10.14235/bas.galenos.2019.3558

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