Case Report

Neuroleptic Malign-like Syndrome Case Management in Intensive Care Unit


  • Kadir İDİN
  • Seniyye ÜLGEN ZENGİN
  • Selçuk ALVER
  • Harun UYSAL

Received Date: 24.07.2015 Accepted Date: 19.10.2015 Bezmialem Science 2016;4(1):36-37

Neuroleptic malign-like syndrome is an emergency condition caused by the withdrawal or dose reduction of anti-Parkinsonian drugs. Quick treatment and correct diagnosis is important for saving life. Basic clinical findings are rigidity, autonomic dysfunction, fever, elevated serum creatinine kinase levels, and confusion. In this study, we present our approach to diagnosis and treatment of a patient with neuroleptic malign-like syndrome in our intensive care unit.

Keywords: Parkinson’s disease, neuroleptic malign-like syndrome, anti-Parkinsonian drugs