Labor Support: An Aplication is Starting Again Come into Prominence


  • Samiye METE
  • Özlem ÇİÇEK

Received Date: 20.01.2017 Accepted Date: 08.05.2017 Bezmialem Science 2018;6(2):138-142

Labor support is more important care for maternal, fetal and neonatal. This implemenatation is new for our country but foreign literature is examined it’s impact of birth outcomes. The number of research which investigating the importance of labor support is very limited in our country. However, mother-child health begins in the delivery room. Labor support’s objectives, benefits, types and its effect are known by nurses and midwives are worked in the delivery room is extremely important. Also labor support’s types and content is important to health professionals to plan the intrapartum care. Labor support is taken in hand all aspects in this review and according to time to the labor support is first presented in this studies in our country.

Keywords: Labor support, supportive care, delivery nurse