Original Article

Embedding Exposed Subcutaneous Venous Ports in the Pectoral Muscle: A Practical and Stable Technique for Coverage


  • Ahmet DEMİR
  • Çağlayan YAĞMUR
  • Yener DEMİRTAŞ
  • Ethem GÜNEREN

Received Date: 09.03.2016 Accepted Date: 09.05.2016 Bezmialem Science 2017;5(2):64-67


The aim of this study was to present our experience in embedding exposed subcutaneous venous ports in the pectoral muscle.


In this study, six patients who consulted between January 2006 and November 2013 for exposed subcutaneous venous ports were retrospectively evaluated. The ports were placed in the pectoral muscle.


The patients were followed up for 4–9 months. Oncologic chemotherapies were initiated at the end of the third week after surgery.


With the results of our preliminary observations, we believe that embedding exposed subcutaneous venous ports in the pectoral muscle is a practical and safe method for cachectic patients.

Keywords: Subcutaneous venous port, port exposition, pectoral muscle