Effect of Obesity on Fertility


  • Nilay KARACA
  • Gonca BATMAZ
  • Serdar AYDIN

Received Date: 23.06.2015 Accepted Date: 25.07.2015 Bezmialem Science 2015;3(3):78-82

Prior studies have shown that obesity causes many gynecologic and obstetric disorders, including anovulation, irregular periods, subfertility, abortion, and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Obesityrelated infertility or reduced fertility problems were influenced by any step from follicular recruitment to implantation. Adverse effects in reproductive health were not subjected out of entire obese women. Physical activity and nutrition were shown to be the probable determining factors. Assisted reproductive techniques provide obese women with an opportunity to investigate the relationship with pregestational status and reproductive outcomes as well. Although there is a lack of epidemiological data, an association between obesity and abortion is already known in obese women who had spontaneous pregnancy. This study aimed to investigate the effects of obesity among various stages of the reproductive process in recent studies, to summarize multidisciplinary strategies, and to facilitate reproductive outcomes in obese women.

Keywords: Obesity, infertility, body mass index, assisted reproductive technology