Bezmialem Science 2021;9(3):0-0

We are happy to welcome you again in a new issue. With the summer, the relief seen all over the world and the slowdown of the pandemic provided some relief in our country. Even though we did not start our face-to-face meetings fully and our masks were still on, even the feeling of getting closer to normal was good for all of us. The efforts of our Ministry of Health in the supply of the last vaccine have relieved us and we
hope that towards the autumn most of our citizens will be vaccinated and we will spend this winter more comfortably. I would like to express my gratitude once again to all our editors, referees and you, our esteemed authors, for the accepted articles and published issues and the point our journal has reached.

We experience the difficulties and advantages of publishing a multi-disciplinary journal together. While the difficult part is to create a balancedissue and to make the branch distribution balanced, I can state that the advantage is the arrival of a large number of articles. We know that everyarticle requires a lot of effort, but we are suffering from not being able to accommodate all articles, and we expect you to understand that our
rejection rate is high.

I would like to share with you two developments that make us happy. In addition to our entry into new indexes, we are happy that our citationrates have increased recently. We look forward to your support in this regard.

In this issue, we present many good articles to you. Our eye-catching articles are as follows: “Generation of Bone Tissue Using Adipose Tissuederived Stem Cells” by Güneren et al., “A Novel High-performance Liquid Chromatography Method with Fluorescence Detection for the Quantification of Roflumilast in Tablet Formulations” by Mehdizade et al., “Evaluation the Early Effects of Compression Stockings on Patient Satisfaction in Acute Proximal Deep Vein Thrombosis” by Kocaaslan et al., “High-performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis of Nebivolol and Amlodipine and Some Related Compounds in Synthetic Mixture” by Önal et al., and “Perceived Sources and Levels of Stress Among Turkish Dental Students: A Multi-centre Study”by Demirci et al.

We also chose the cover art of this issue from the study of Güneren E. et al. which was titled “Generation of Bone Tissue Using Adipose Tissuederived Stem Cells”. The subject of “tissue engineering”, which is one of the important preoccupations of today’s medicine, is actually one of the important health fields of the future. This will not only be the pinnacle of humanity’s developments in the field of health, but will also attract
attention in the future as a commercial investment with great potential of economic return. I present to the attention of our readers this study with the theme of the effect of own adipose tissue-derived stem cells on bone tissue healing, carried out by a team at Bezmialem Vakıf University in our Experimental Research Department.

Dear Readers,
Science is an endless ocean and we scientists are like fishermen navigating this ocean. The contributions of each of you will be instrumental in the discovery of new horizons in this ocean. While we are happy to see great progress in the scientific field in our country, it is important that our work is in university-industry cooperation areas that contribute to daily life and create added value. For this reason, I would like to emphasize
once again that your experimental and clinical studies, which we believe will create added value, are a priority for us.

See you in our next issue with a richer content, everything you get your heart desires.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Adem AKÇAKAYA