Bezmialem Science 2020;8(3):0-0

Dear Readers;

We are happy to be with you in the 3rd issue of 2020. As in the world, efforts to normalize our country are continuing after a very serious pandemic. Everything has changed in this process, which has entered our literature as the new normal. Due to the intensity and demands of COVID publications during this period, the offer to publish a special issue was accepted by our editorial board. We were happy to have around forty articles accepted in this field and to have a keen interest in both our magazine and the subject. I would like to thank both our readers and our academics who share their work with us in this field.

I would like to mention our cover art and selected articles in this issue. Açıkgöz et al. Effect of flavopyridol on cell cycle, apoptosis and biomolecule structure changes in breast cancer stem cells…

Açıkgöz et al. “The effect of flavopyridol on cell cycle, apoptosis, and biomolecule structure changes in breast cancer stem cells”, Tonak et al. “Investigation of activity, participation and quality of life in elderly people living in Ankara and Antalya provinces” Kumaş et al. “Investigation of the effects of isotretinoin on spermatogenesis in BALB/c mice “Baki et al. “Effect of Serum bone Sialoprotein levels on Tympanosclerosis” writings are some of our articles that have come to the forefront. We are honoured by the increasing demand for publications and we are pleased to see the coming of articles from new domestic and international institutions.

We’ll meet you right after this issue with our Covid special issue. We all look forward to this special issue, where there is intense labor and participation. The pandemic process once again showed us the importance of open access studies. I would like to thank our publishing house, our editorial board and our referees for taking the time to make sure that even during this period when their work load has increased a lot.

I wish you all the best to meet in our next issue.…

Kindest regards

Prof. Dr. Adem AKÇAKAYA