Bezmialem Science 2020;8(1):0-0

Dear Readers,

I wish 2020 to be a year of new hope and beauty. With our increasing efforts and successes every day, I think that we achieved a lot of success on behalf of our journal last year. We start the new year with a new cover face. We will change the color and design of our cover in the first issue. For each issue, we will include a figure to be determined by our editorial board from among the figures of the articles to be published in that issue, and the name of this article will appear on the cover. In our last issue, I mentioned about the new indexes we joined and that our language of publication would be English. We continue to accept Turkish articles. We translate accepted articles without charge. I think this will be an attraction for our researchers, who have a shortage of language.

In this issue; the article entitled “Inner Surface of Pterion in Terms of Surgical Approaches: an Anatomical Cadaveric Study” by DEVELİ et al., the article entitled “The Effects of Lucilia Sericata Larval Secretions on The Expressions of MicroRNAs that are Suggested to be Related with Wound Healing in Experimental Diabetic Rat Wound Model’’ by KILINÇ et al., the article entitled ‘‘Investigation of Plantar Pressure Distribution in Overweight and Obese Individuals’’ TAŞ et al., and the article entitled “Retrospective Analysis and Family Feedback of Patients Who Underwent Tracheostomy in Pediatric İntensive Care Unit: Single Center, 10 Years of Experience” by KOÇOĞLU et al. are the articles that are prominent. Increasing publication demands honor us and we are pleased to see new articles coming from domestic and international institutions.

With our new issue, there have been changes in our editorial board and new friends have joined us. I offer my heartfelt thanks to all our friends who supported us. I would like to welcome our new friends and thank them in advance for their contributions to our journal.

I celebrate your new year again, I wish it to be an occasion of beauty for our country and the world.

See you in the next issue.…

Kindest regards

Prof. Dr. Adem AKCAKAYA