• Adem Akçakaya

Bezmialem Science 2018;6(2):0-0

Dear Colleagues,

Many studies both from our institution and from other institutions in our country are submitted to our Journal of Bezmialem Science and the number of accepted studies has reached to the rate to be published in a year. As of January, a total of 17 studies including original research articles, case reports, and reviews are published in each issue. We should make an effort for increasing the quality of articles in each issue and elevating the rate of citation. Increasing access rate to our website and the number of articles that are read will contribute to the accomplishment of this goal.

We are honored and glad to share the second issue of 2018 with you. In this issue, we present you interesting and valuable articles.

The articles “The Effect of External Ventricular Drainage on Serum Sodium Level in Adult Neurosurgical Patients” by Baran et al., “The Evaluation of Awareness in Medical Students on Palliative Care” by Çıtıl et al., and “The Association of TLR4 and NOD2 Polymorphisms with Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia” by Batar et al. are among the studies at the forefront.

On behalf of myself and the Editorial Board of Bezmialem Science, I expect the continuance of great interest shown by our valuable academicians. We believe that we will carry our journal further away in scientific platforms with your supports. We thank everybody for their contributions to our journal and present our respects.

Adem Akçakaya, MD, Prof.
Editor in Chief