Case Report

A Primary Adenosquamous Carcinoma of the Stomach: Report of Two Cases


  • Melin GEÇER
  • Nurcan ÜNVER
  • Mustafa HASBAHÇECİ
  • Zuhal GÜCİN
  • Zeynep TOSUNER
  • Ezgi ÇOBAN
  • Sema ARICI

Received Date: 31.03.2016 Accepted Date: 06.06.2016 Bezmialem Science 2017;5(3):135-137

Primary gastric adenosquamous carcinomas are extremely rare tumors. A gradual transition between the malignant glandular and squamous components of the tumor is seen on performing a histopathological evaluation. These tumors are known to have poorer clinical outcomes than conventional adenocarcinomas. We aimed to present two cases of primary adenosquamous carcinomas that were diagnosed at the later stage in our institute.

Keywords: Adenosquamous carcinomas, stomach, poor prognosis